Denture Reline Kit Saves Money

Rather than spend hundreds of dollars to reline your dentures with a dentist on short notice, why not try to reline your dentures yourself temporarily with a denture reline kit from Lee Pharmaceuticals?  They make a temporary denture reliner kit called Acryline 2 that has been around for decades.  It is easy to use and they offer a money back guarantee when you buy it direct from:

The first step to relining your dentures is to clean out any old reliner material.  The reason you do this is so that it can make good contact with your acrylic dentures.  (By the way, you can’t use Acryline 2 on metal plates.)  If you don’t clean your dentures off, then it is akin to putting used bubble gum on top of used bubble gum — it won’t stick!

Acryline 2 comes with a powder and a liquid that you mix together.  After you mix it together you pour it in to one of your dentures.  (Do your dentures one at a time)

Let the mixture harden.  Then once it dries, you can cut away the excess.  It is important to have both dentures in your mouth when you set them in so that you can get a good bite.

Then repeat with the other denture.

Acryline 2 lasts a long time, however many people prefer to remove it after their gums/bones shrink and the dentures start to become loose again.

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It is important to keep regular check-ups with your dentist to maintain proper mouth and gum health, however use Acryline 2 as a temporary denture reliner until you can pay to have it professionally done.

You can order Acryline 2 below:

Acryline 2 Temporary Denture Reline Kit Caregivers Choice

With the aging population and people living longer many of us have parents who need assistance with their health challenges. Taking a frail person to the doctor or dentist can be a major problem.

If you are a caregiver for a person who wears dentures and is complaining the dentures don’t fit properly,  or they don’t want to wear their dentures. Most likely the problem can be resolved easily and at a very small cost

After a person has his/her teeth extracted the  bone and gum structure constantly change. The bone shrinks and the gum changes and the once perfectly fitting dentures no longer fit properly. The reason for this is that the hard denture plate and the changed gum structure don’t meet like they originally did. This creates friction between the gum and the denture plate. The friction then causes irritation to the gum thus causing pain.

The simple process of  denture relining will eliminate the pain quickly and easily. Acryline 2 Denture Temporary Reline Kit is manufactured by a FDA registered manufacturer. They have been a supplier to the dental industry for over twenty years. They manufacturer products under careful supervision in the United States to ensure the products they produce are of the highest quality. They stand behind their products and  offer a 100% money back guarantee for the dentures reline kit.

Caregivers have found after performing denture relining for the person they are taking care, they see an immediate improved attitude of the patient about themselves and everything else in their life. A pain originating from ones mouth can be depressing for the patient or for that matter anyone. That pain usually causes the patient to lose interest in eating and most other things that are important to their well being.

Check out the easy to use Acryline 2 Temporary Reline Kit and you will be happy to find it is value priced, zinc free and the process for relining two denture plates should take no longer than twenty minutes to complete. The denture wearer can also eat immediately.

Yes, the sad person will smile again and love and appreciate what you are doing for them, because they will be pain free.  We recommend you read some of the other helpful articles on this site.

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The No-Fail Way to Reline Dentures

Have you feared to do something you never did before like reline dentures? That would be a funny thing to try if you didn’t wear dentures yourself.  However, you might have a parent who wears dentures and is in pain.  And right now it doesn’t fit into the budget to have the dentist reline dentures for them.

It is much easier to reline dentures than you think. There are a few things you need to know about before you do anything. First you should choose the best Dentures Reline Kit on the market. I recommend you check out Acryline 2 Temporary Reline Kit. The following are reasons why the product gets high ratings from its loyal users.

  1. The product is zinc free.
  2. The instructions are easy to follow.
  3. The product has a 100% money back guarantee.
  4. The denture relining kit comes with two applications.
  5. The price of the kit is a great value.
  6. It should take no longer than twenty minutes to reline two denture plates  and complete the process.
  7. You or your parent will be very happy, because they will be pain free and can eat food immediately.
  8. The company that manufacturers‘ Acryline 2 Temporary Reline Kit is a FDA registered manufacturer.

Whether you wear dentures or are a caregiver experiencing pain from ones mouth, gum or friction from the bone can be unbearable at times. It can be depressing and lead to other health problems. When you reline dentures you not only save money, but there is satisfaction that you accomplished something that seemed like only a trained professional could do.  You will find that you can become an expert very quickly.

Check out the step by step instructions for relining dentures to be pain free on this site. You will feel much more comfortable and confident that you can reline dentures with a great outcome.

There are a few other important things to be aware of regarding good healthy oral care and the best way to take care of dentures.

  • Avoid using a toothbrush made with hard bristles.
  • Be gentle and avoid damaging the plastic or bend the attachments of the dentures.
  • It is a good idea to rinse dentures after every meal as long as it is convenient.
  • Use denture cleaner to clean the dentures.
  • Be aware many toothpastes are too abrasive for cleaning dentures.
  • Check the label of the toothpaste and make sure it is recommended for cleaning dentures.
  • Avoid using bleach on dentures.
  • When dentures are not being worn they should be kept in a denture cleanser soaking solution or in cool water in a safe container.
  • If the dentures have metal attachments some denture solutions could discolor them. Check the label or just use water to soak the dentures.
  • Dentures must never be placed in hot water.

When someone is pain free the whole world appears to be happy.  Smile and everyone smiles with you…You will help yourself and or someone you love when you reline dentures when required. That means when oral pain is being experienced and there is friction between the denture plate and the gum it is the time to reline dentures.

When the friction occurs that is usually what causes the pain. We do recommend you see your dentist every six months for a check up.

Enjoy smiling it is the best free medicine available. You can’t feel sad when you smile. Smiling produces the feel good hormone…Serotonin.




Check Out Denturite Replacements’ Denture Reline Kit

Many denture wearers were disappointed when Denturite Sea Bond a major manufacturer of denture reline kits stopped manufacturing their product.  Denturite customers who used their product for a long time have been confused as to what product would do the same or even a better job.

There are 10 questions you need to have answered before you are able to  make your best decision when purchasing your next denture reline kit.

  1. Is the manufacturer a FDA registered manufacturer?
  2. Does the denture reline kit material produce a soft cushion reline for your denture plate?
  3. Is the product zinc free?
  4. Does the manufacturer make other reliable dental products?
  5. Does the manufacturer offer a 100% money back guarantee?
  6. Is the product easy to use?
  7. Is the denture reline kit competitively priced?
  8. Are there two applications in the denture reline kit?
  9. Do they offer free shipping?
  10. Can you eat immediately after you complete the process of relining your dentures?

We are can recommend a product that receives a YES to all 10 questions. The product is: Acryline 2 Temporary Denture Reline Kit.  It is available to buy online by just clicking the above link.

As a customer we have no control of what a manufacturer like Denturite did. They stopped manufacturing a product and left many loyal customers not knowing where to go.

You can still find some old merchandise on the Internet for sale on ebay and a few other sites. However, it’s not a good idea to buy old merchandise. Especially when you are buying a dental product. You want the product to be first quality and freshly manufactured.

When it comes to your health you should be aware of where the product is manufactured and by whom. That is why it is important to always check the label. Make sure the product is manufactured in the United States and it isn’t a copy using the same label graphics, but manufactured outside the United States.

  • It’s your health and your body. You need to take care of it as best you can.
  • Knowing that you have made the best decision will make you feel better and more relaxed. You will be able to enjoy what ever you are doing and be a much happier person.

We recommend that you read some of the other articles on this site. We wrote one that outlines the instructions for relining your dentures. It shouldn’t take more than twenty to thirty minutes to reline both your upper and lower denture plates. The title of the article is, Denture Relining Relieves Pain.

We advise that it is best to be relaxed when you are planning to reline your dentures. If it is the first time you are using your Denturite replacement, it’s recommended you read the instructions a few times. Sit in a quiet place. Take a deep breathes… exhale time and then smile. You will do a great job.

You will feel so much better when you have completed the process and being pain free. You should be very happy with yourself. You saved yourself a lot of money. Made the right decision and now you can go on with your life. Being able to eat the foods you like, while feeling good.

Your new denture relining can last as long as two years. However, for most of us it would be unusual if you didn’t need to redo the relining of your dentures sooner.

Medical studies show that our bodies are changing all the time. Therefore, be aware when you feel some discomfort in your mouth it is perfectly normal for your gum or bone to have changed slightly causing some friction which will then cause you pain. That will mean it’s time to reline your dentures

We hope we clarified what is really important when you are making the decision regarding which denture reline kit you is best to purchase and will  replace Denturite or for that matter any other kit you might be using.


Denture Reline Kit by FDA Registered Manufacturer

It can be confusing when trying to decide what Denture Reline Kit you should purchase. I thought it would be helpful to list some questions and answers for you in order for you to be able to make your best decision when planning to reline dentures.

Q.  Is Acryline 2 Temporary Denture Reline Kit similar to Denturite Sea-Bond?

A.  Yes it is. It also a liquid and powder that you mix together and apply to the denture. Also:

1)    It has two applications contained within the kit that can be used for the upper AND/OR the lower dentures.
2)    It is a temporary cushiony action that can last for up to 2 years.
3)    Acryline 2 reliner’s firm custom–fit lets you eat anything right away. It keeps food from getting under plates.
4)    Acryline 2 is for temporary refitting of dentures between visits to the dentist.

Q.  What is Acryline 2 made from?

A.  The active ingredients in Acryline 2 soft denture relining kit are: liquid-Ethyl Alcohol and 2-Ethylhexyl Diphenyl Phosphate Powder – Benzoyl Peroxide, Cadmium Pigmnets, Ehtyl Methacrylate, Titanium Dioxide.

The technical bulletin listing all the ingredients as well as the application techniques can be found at Front Instruction Sheet or Back Instruction Sheet or

Q.  Why should I use Acryline 2 soft denture reline kit?

A.  Many consider a soft denture reline the best type of reline available. It can last up to 2 years. Doing a soft reline at home with a soft denture reliner kit is by far the least costly route to relief from loose and irritating dentures.

Q.  Who is the manufacturer of Acryline 2 denture reliner kit? Is it made in the USA?

A.  Acryline 2 soft denture reliner kit is manufactured by Lee Pharmaceuticals in South El Monte, California, 15 miles east of Los Angeles.

More Information: Lee Pharmaceuticals is a FDA registered manufacturer. They began in the 1960s as a dental manufacturer by first obtaining government research contracts. They then received a contract with Johnson &  Johnson to develop a composite filling material to fill your cavities at the dentist’s office.

This product had similar strength as the old silver (amalgam) fillings but was a translucent (clear) material which appeared white. This was due to the adjacent colors being “absorbed or picked up” by the clear filling material.

The company had developed its expertise with the help of the founder Dr. Henry L. Lee Jr., who co-authored 2 books that were considered the definitive books on epoxy resins. (The textbook of Epoxy Resins and The Handbook of Epoxy Resins – both published by McGraw Hill). These new generation of dental Polymers were based on expoxy

Denture Relining Relieves Gum Pain

A friend mine Amy phoned me the other day. She said she was thinking of having denture relining done to her dentures, because her gums were hurting. She was upset because she couldn’t afford to go to the dentist immediately to have her dentures relined. I told her she shouldn’t worry, because there was a great  do-it-yourself denture relining kit that was easy to use and it cost less than a few fancy Star Bucks coffee drinks.

Amy was really happy to hear that she could reline her dentures herself and not be in pain until she could afford to go to the dentist. She said she was concerned, because she had been wearing her new dentures for only five months.

She said her dentures felt loose and she was experiencing soreness in her  mouth and gums. She had problems eating most foods except if they were soft. I advised her to order the Acryline 2 Denture Reline Kit online and I would assist her with any questions she had with her denture relining.

I shared with her that denture relining would create a new surface on the area of her dentures that fits up against her gums.

Usually after your teeth are extracted your bone which held your teeth in place before shrinks.

This problem normally continues since your bone and gums are constantly changing.

  • Therefore, you experience irritation from the ill-fitting dentures unless you either have the dentist perform denture relining or you do it yourself.

The soft reline kit also called temporary is good because it will adjust more easily to your mouth.
You can wear them for at least few months. Some people are able to wear them for a longer period of time before redoing the denture relining.

  • Since the denture reline kits are affordable you can become your own expert and redo the denture relining yourself as often as needed without worrying about your budget.

Most users keep extras on hand so they will be able to fix their denture when they need to.

A few days later Amy phoned me informing me that she received her Acryline Denture Relining kit.  She wanted to review the instructions with me. She said she felt much better knowing that the kit had a full money back guarantee.

Amy said the instructions were easy to understand.  She said after reading the instructions and referring to the illustrations she felt more comfortable about doing the denture relining herself. We reviewed the instructions and they read as follows.

  • First clean and dry your dentures. It’s best to use a brush then rinse and dry them.
  • Apply Petroleum Jelly to the outside of your dentures. By coating the outside of your dentures it will make it easy to wipe off any excess that might run off from your application.
  • The kit comes with two applications. Use one vial of powder and one vial of liquid at a time. Mix the powder with the liquid.
  • Make sure you reline one denture plate at a time.
  • Place both the powder and liquid in a mixing cup.
  • Stir the mixture quickly until smooth. It should take no more than 8 to 9 seconds.
  • Immediately pour and spread the mixture into the hollow area of your denture.
  • Next, fit the denture in your mouth. Make sure that it sits properly in your mouth.
  • Making sure your denture plate is in the correct position. Bite down slowly, firmly, and gently on the opposing teeth.
  • Hold in this position for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Remove the denture plate with the denture relining from your mouth. Rinse with cold water. Trim any excess material away that might have run over. You can use a sharp knife to compete this process if necessary.
  • If you have another denture to be relined. Follow the same steps.

Later in the day, I congratulated Amy upon completing her denture relining. She said she was no longer in pain. She was delighted she also saved a lot of  money. I did share with her that she should visit her dentist at least once every six month for check ups.

How to Feel Good When Wearing Dentures

Dentures surely have gotten a bad rap. We often are influenced by other people’s opinions. Do you ever hear people talking about wearing dentures? It usually is a subject that is not discussed very often.

Do you feel alone at times since you have been wearing dentures? If so let us know what questions you have and we will try and answer them. If necessary we will go to one of the top dental schools in the country and get an unbiased answer.

  • There are many benefits to wearing dentures. First you have a full set of teeth and your face fills out and you look better
  • Chewing food is easier with a full set of teeth.
  • You can enjoy smiling which is good for you. When you smile it changes your mood and puts in a much happier space.

However, there is a downside to wearing dentures. That’s when your dentures don’t fit right. Peoples gum’s are continually changing Your gum can shrink in size or become swollen. This leads to discomfort and sometimes pain.

There is a solution to this problem. You can go to your dentist and get your dentures relined. This can be rather expensive. Or you can reline your dentures yourself with an inexpensive denture reliner kit. It’s easy to use. Check out Acryline 2 Denture Reline kit. The kit comes with applications for both your upper and lower dentures.

The company told me there is a full money back guarantee, if for any reason you aren’t satisfied.

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Smile and the world smiles with you…